Chest Wall Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the chest wall is performed to correct congenital and acquired defects affecting the chest. Such defects can restrict or disrupt normal breathing as well as present aesthetic concerns.

Indications for Chest Wall Reconstruction

  • Tumor radiation injury
  • Trauma to chest wall
  • Surgical resection of chest wall, pulmonary or mediastinal tumors
  • Congenital defect of the chest wall

Poland syndrome is one example of a congenital condition that causes abnormalities of the chest wall and surrounding muscles. Other conditions include Pectus excavatum and Pectus carinatum, which are characterized by abnormalities in the sternum, rib cartilage, and shoulders.

Chest Wall Reconstruction with Dr. Morse

Dr. Morse will first assess the location, extent, and cause of chest wall defects. He can then employ a variety of surgical strategies for chest wall reconstruction, depending on the patient's specific needs. Some of the possible techniques that may be utilized in this area include free flaps, muscle flaps, grafts, use of prosthetic materials, and more.

To learn more about chest wall reconstruction, contact the Great Falls plastic surgery office of Dr. Martin Morse.