Cheek Implants

Fullness in the middle of the face and cheeks is a common characteristic of youth. In some people, the cheeks can appear sunken or flat due to the effects of aging or inadequate underlying bone structure. Cheek augmentation is any procedure designed to correct this problem by augmenting the tissue of the cheeks. This can be accomplished using facial implants or injectable products.

Indications for Cheek Augmentation

If you are bothered by a lack of facial contour and fullness, you might be a good candidate for cheek augmentation. Good candidates are physically healthy, non-smokers that have realistic expectations about cosmetic surgery. Cheek augmentation with facial implants can be performed only after your head and skull have reached physical maturity.

Cheek implants are made of silicone rubber and come in different shapes and sizes. They increase the projection of the cheekbones and add volume to areas that may be recessed or ?at.

Cheek Augmentation with Dr. Morse

During surgery, an implant will be positioned on the cheekbone, in a location that adds projection to the desired areas of your face. Facial implants are most often placed through incisions in the mouth. If cheek augmentation is performed during other procedures (a facelift for example), alternate incisions may be recommended including placement through an incision behind the hairline.


If cheek augmentation is performed with an injectable product, the doctor will use a numbing cream or dental block prior to injection. The injectable filler is injected beneath the skin at a specific depth to restore facial volume.

What to Expect After Surgery

The results of facial implant surgery are immediately visible, but swelling will obscure your results to a certain extent. During the weeks that follow your surgery, the swelling will dissipate and you'll be able to see the cosmetic improvements achieved through cheek augmentation. Recovery time will vary with cheek augmentation because it is often performed during other procedures in facial plastic surgery.

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